Thursday, 10 December 2015

After 5 Rounds Cao Sang leads

GM Cao Sang pulls away from the pack after winning his 5th round game against IM Tin Jinghao.

The Singaporean blundered away a rook in the 43rd move paving the way for Cao Sang to lead for the first time in the 2015 Penang Chess Open.
43. ..c4 was played and Cao Sang played 44. Nh6+ to fork the rook.

13 other players are following closely with just half a point behind Cao Sang. They are GM Komarov Dimitri , FM Liu Xiangyi , GM Laxman R.R. , GM Bitoon Richard , GM Vahidov Tair , FM Yeoh Li Tian , FM Reyes Narquinden , IM Pascua Haridas , GM Nguyen Duc Hoa , FM Dang Hoang Son , Doostkam P , Navalgund Niranjan , IM Sean Winshand Cuhendi and FM Mohamad Ervan.

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